This is the end of internet

You have finally arrived at internet's very last page.  We hope you enjoyed the browsing.  It is now time to go out and play.

Some suggestions for outdoor activities:

  • Go for a walk, i.e. apply the legs to move about.  Head for the green areas, also referred to as fields or hills. 

  • Try jogging, a somewhat different motion achieved by moving legs faster than in walking. If your jogging is fast it is also known as running.

  • Ride a bicycle and take a look at the nature displayed in real 3D.  Occasionally step off the bike and touch trees and stones.

  • If the water is warm where you live you may try swimming.  However if you cannot swim, you should refrain from swimming and rather devote yourself to something called bathing.

  • Visit someone whom you know. 

From here there is no way back (check 'back' for Bear market alert!)

HTTP 007 - Have a nice day!
Regards Internet